I had an interesting dream last night but, as dreams are wont to do, it has mostly faded away. I do remember a few details though…

It took place during and after an alien attack on Earth, where they were trying to wipe out human life and take over the planet. It started out as being me watching a movie on TV (with Apphia and Tim), and then I was actually in the movie as one of the characters (the son of the primary hero). My dad flew space fighters, and toward the end, he embarked on a daring and dangerous mission to sabotage the aliens’ primary base in space. What was left of the government did a good job of covering up, making announcements that he had died and everything (since apparently the aliens were watching him closely because they were afraid of him… I don’t know why they didn’t just kill him).
Also, their method of killing humans was to selectively release some kind of gas that would incapacitate people. I was in an apartment (our apartment in the movie, I think), rummaging through the clutter and rubble to find food, and then the TV turned to static and the voice was distorted to announce that the aliens were going to attack the building I was in (except for rooms with bunk beds, because they wanted to spare families with small children) in 4 seconds. I run to my mother, and she looks around wildly. Now, understand that the way to survive one of these attacks is to start breathing water/liquid, because apparently filling your lungs with liquid prevents the gas from affecting you (and apparently you don’t drown if you do that… O.o). The only thing she could find was a ballpoint pen, so she pulled off the end and stuck it up my nose right before the gas hit and I fell unconcious.
When I woke up again, there was a nurse tending to my mom (yay for medical personell still being around!) and telling me she would be fine. There were suddenly a bunch of other people around as well, all trying to steal the apple I had in my hand. Then Mike came running in (mdc1) armed with a sword that kept breaking into smaller and less effectual pieces, charging through the people toward me. I grabbed a sword (hey look, now with convenient Insta-appear©) and joined him and he stopped, saying he thought I had been captured and was coming to free me and my mom.
I think it was about then that I woke up, so I never did get to find out if my dad managed to destroy them or not.

On a related note, I did some random portraits of Mike (and a few other people) yesterday.

Day of photo fun

I bought the 70-300mm lens from Alex today… and oh god, it is pure sex and awesome to shoot with. The depth of field you get at 300mm is amazing, as is being able to stand by the tennis courts and photograph people sitting on the Fence.

I’ll try to be less image-spammy today…

Only at CMU:

You can see all the pictures at photos2

Also today was darkrooming with ghannema. Managed to print 4 very nice portraits of mgarlan, mdc1, ehohenst, and dmgordon. Yay for my love of photo returning (although tomorrow morning’s crit will probably kill it again for a while).

So behind on other homework, ahhh.
I need to do less photography.

Late night portraits

After photo (history) class today (I love the photo history class; I hate my portrait photo class), I came home and had the sudden urge to go out and photograph things. As this was the first time this semester I had gotten such an urge (and so strongly too), I was surprised, given that I figured my photo class had killed any part of me that still enjoyed photography.
So yeah, started with Chris around 10:30, continued with Todd, Alex, and 8 around midnight. Ended up shooting people until around 1:30-ish. I must say that I’m really, really happy with many of the shots I got.

You can see more of them at photos2
See how much better my shots come out when I’m not constantly trying to conform to someone else’s idea of “artistic”? (Granted, some of these could be cropped better, but meh; I’m still really happy with them)
I really, really should drop my portrait class and just go out shooting like this more often.

Also, doing this shoot made me realize that I really, really need to get my own tripod and a telephoto lens. The latter is easily remedied, as Alex is selling me his 70-300mm (official Nikon brand too!) soon. The former can be remedied by throwing money at it, but I don’t know if I can afford it right now :-P
But wheeee. Photography makes me happy. Too bad you can’t truly appreciate the depth of field in the above images due to size. Oh well.

One bonus piccar that isn’t in the gallery at photos2…

Liek ZMONGS it’s the first :-\ face I’ve seen someone make IRL!

As for now, it is 3:30 AM, so I should probably go to sleep.


Today was the most amazing weather… I spent most of the day outside, photographing various goings on with ghannema.
Photos from today (as well as KGB painting the fence; the last outside-excursion with ghannema, matthewj, jgrafton, and Jordan; and Car and Tom portraits) are up at photos

Borrowed Dom’s sexy, sexy 10-20mm lens for today and played around with it. It takes amazing pictures (you can probably tell which ones from today were taken with it). I want it, but I don’t think I can afford a $500 lens.
However, I am looking at a 70-300mm that costs about $150. I’ll probably end up saving up and getting it. It seems quite worth the money.

So yar.

Now, oh god so much homework I haven’t done yet today.


Despite today having its high points (unofficially official Pi day, Mark party, finding out we did fairly well on our networks lab, some nice new scores in ITG including my first sightread star, doing stuff with Ben), the weather seems to generally be matching my mood… which is to say, crappy.

Work continues on CMU Adventures. The puzzle to unlock Wean 4 is implemented (even if Wean 4 itself isn’t) which means that Doherty is fully implemented from B level to 2nd floor, and Wean 5 and 7 are both fully implemented. Whee.

Me wants a 10-20 lens…. oh god wide angle sexiness.

I should probably head to bed early, as I’m ready for today to be over.
Blah bad moods.