Late night portraits

After photo (history) class today (I love the photo history class; I hate my portrait photo class), I came home and had the sudden urge to go out and photograph things. As this was the first time this semester I had gotten such an urge (and so strongly too), I was surprised, given that I figured my photo class had killed any part of me that still enjoyed photography.
So yeah, started with Chris around 10:30, continued with Todd, Alex, and 8 around midnight. Ended up shooting people until around 1:30-ish. I must say that I’m really, really happy with many of the shots I got.

You can see more of them at photos2
See how much better my shots come out when I’m not constantly trying to conform to someone else’s idea of “artistic”? (Granted, some of these could be cropped better, but meh; I’m still really happy with them)
I really, really should drop my portrait class and just go out shooting like this more often.

Also, doing this shoot made me realize that I really, really need to get my own tripod and a telephoto lens. The latter is easily remedied, as Alex is selling me his 70-300mm (official Nikon brand too!) soon. The former can be remedied by throwing money at it, but I don’t know if I can afford it right now :-P
But wheeee. Photography makes me happy. Too bad you can’t truly appreciate the depth of field in the above images due to size. Oh well.

One bonus piccar that isn’t in the gallery at photos2…

Liek ZMONGS it’s the first :-\ face I’ve seen someone make IRL!

As for now, it is 3:30 AM, so I should probably go to sleep.

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