Today was the most amazing weather… I spent most of the day outside, photographing various goings on with ghannema.
Photos from today (as well as KGB painting the fence; the last outside-excursion with ghannema, matthewj, jgrafton, and Jordan; and Car and Tom portraits) are up at photos

Borrowed Dom’s sexy, sexy 10-20mm lens for today and played around with it. It takes amazing pictures (you can probably tell which ones from today were taken with it). I want it, but I don’t think I can afford a $500 lens.
However, I am looking at a 70-300mm that costs about $150. I’ll probably end up saving up and getting it. It seems quite worth the money.

So yar.

Now, oh god so much homework I haven’t done yet today.

4 thoughts on “Weather++

  1. Whee photos! Yesterday was really amazing, and it looks like you brought back some nice shots too!

    Also, I’m a terrible nerd for saying this, but Ben, it looks like you mis-dated the most recent journal entry on your website as 2006 instead of 2007.

  2. so i guess i feeling an urge for alan correspondence. why? you ask. observe. i have a major research paper due this saturday and i am not a responsible person. anyway i have a super fun 70-300 mm lens. advice if you haven’t bought anything yet: get a 150 or a 200 mm fixed focal length lens. those get so much more light. zoom is fun but light is better. anyways that 10mm sounded sooooo cool. i totally want to get one of those after seeing those pics. that is totally cool. Mmmmm….. fisheyes…. *drools* ok anyway so you need to email me because i am doing tons of fun things that i want to blab about. yay. wootness.

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