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In the past few years, I’ve only seen a couple movies in theatres: Frozen this past February with Austin, Yubin, and Max; and The Lego Movie this past March with my dad when I was in Phoenix.
It’s interesting then that I’ve seen both of these movies again in McConomy: Frozen with the rest of the in-town Fairfax group over Carnival weekend, and The Lego Movie tonight with Greg when we were out of ideas of what to do and decided to see whatever movie was showing at CMU.
They’re both really well-done films made for kids but enjoyable by adults. So that’s kind of awesome. I keep thinking I should buy Frozen in Thai when it comes out on DVD. I already enjoy looping the Thai version of Let It Go while I work.

In any case, life has been really uneventful lately. Due to whatever reason, I’ve been taking far fewer photos than usual. A quick check reveals that I only have 318 photos since the end of Carnival (since April 14), which represent a total of 619 shutter releases.
So it’s both interesting how much I edit down what photos to keep now (a huge difference from in high school and college when I would just dump my memory card and keep everything), and how few photos I’ve been taking (619 photos used to represent a single day of photos for me).
A lot of the editing is because tagging photos has grown to be a chore. It’s super useful to have tags to be able to find photos by person or event or location, sure… but having to manually do all that for every photo I keep is rather frustrating. This is probably a good thing for my hard drive consumption anyway.

I think it would be interesting to stop carrying my big camera around all the time. I do so now half out of a sense of fear of not having a camera with me for that one big thing or some important moment I want to capture. And it’s also kind of neat to have photos of mundane everyday life. But my little camera is sufficient for that… and after all, I survived for several months (after the death of my D50) with only the little camera. We shall see.

Work has started on the next People Wars expansion, Hijinks. It’s themed around Climbing characters and Route cards, which enhance task playing and scoring.
I’m worried about maybe having overbalanced the game toward tasks given all of the task-centric cards entering the game recently (and given that I haven’t actually played a game with cards past the Exchanges expansion)… but it kind of feels like attack decks have it so much easier that tasks should be getting boosts. Who knows.

Work has been rather interesting lately. The other senior dev on the team recently left Salesforce, leaving the role of senior team member once again solely on my shoulders. Between that and a bunch of planned vacations from other developers, there are days when I’m the only developer working, and we’re probably down to about 2/3 of our previous productivity. Which will mean interesting things given the jam-packed plans for the upcoming release.
I guess time is showing me to be a terrible leader and coordinator, especially given how I already know I do badly under stress (or, rather, I will get the shit done, but I’ll feel like shit the entire time while doing it and hate my life).
We’re hiring a new senior developer for the team, who will hopefully be able to ramp up and help handle a lot of the knowledge, planning, and design work (which right now I think is falling mostly to me). But until then, onward as best I can.
It’s just frustrating though when a lot of time is being eaten up by bugs and questions and emails. I pulled a task last last Tuesday (the 15th) with the intention of starting it the next day. But between bugs and other things, I ended up not having time to do anything on it until this past Thursday (the 24th).
Let’s hope that’s not a sign of things to come in the coming months.

House foo

It’s been a really interesting weekend.

We saw a house listing come on the market last week that was a few blocks North of us. Walked around the area, looked at the house, and decided we didn’t really want it… too close to Penn, had a grocery store being built right behind it with an HVAC and fans, had strange backyard, was even further from work and parks and people than our current place…

But we went to see the house yesterday anyway. And the inside of the house sold itself to us. Fully updated electrical and plumbing, remodeled third floor suite, beautiful living and dining room areas, really well sized rooms… I think we both loved the house. The backyard also ended up being really, really nice, even if it had looked a little strange from the driveway at first.

So we spent this morning looking over and kind of drawing up an offer on the house, which pretty much meant ruining our Easter brunch plans. Went back to the house for its open house with our agent and asked some more questions. Looked up some more information from the current owners about how loud the fans and units would be at the store.

Ultimately, the decision was that the unknown of the fans, along with some schematics and decibel maths, meant that we didn’t want to run the risk of the noise when the store did open, no matter how perfect the house itself might be.

So the end result of the weekend is that we’re right back where we were last week, albeit with some more knowledge of what a sale contract actually looks like.

So onward to more listings and more houses. We probably won’t find one before the lease is up on this place, but at least we can renew the lease and keep looking throughout the year.

Carnival 2014

There was a Carnival. It was awesome to see people again, but for some reason this Carnival ended up being rather more stressful than fun.

Total photo count from Wednesday through Sunday: 2887, edited down to just over 2000… a far cry from past Carnivals where I took around 1000 a day (or, in the case of Carnival 2009, 2255 photos in one 24-hour period).

More photos exist at photos.

Life otherwise has been pretty much the same routine. It’s nice having weekly rock climbing and board gaming.

Pittsburgh weather has been full of crazy. Today it snowed. Yesterday it was really warm. Sunday it was in the 80s.

So yeah.

Life things. Yay.