I mostly just wanted to post that life has gotten an update, since I said I’d post when it does. It’s a small-ish one (a month and a half) but meh. Yay life.

I received my awesome new 50mm f/1.8 lens on Monday, and shot some portraits of Will on Tuesday with it (which can be viewed at portraits). I’m really happy with it… I get awesome shutter speeds indoors and awesome depth of field to boot. Yay lens.

This weekend should be fun. There will be games and awesomeness and I’ll hopefully get to take more photos. Yay fun.

Work has been fun this week. I’ve been doing a bit more dev work this week (the past few weeks have mostly been writing automated tests or working on issues related to the recent release), and it feels good to be writing new code (rather than testing code) again. Yay coding.

I’ve also been attempting to get more exercise, and I think I’m doing pretty well. I’m up to 15 minutes straight running at 6.2mph now, improved from approximately 6 minutes when I started a few weeks ago. I should start doing more of the weight machines and stuff too. Yay exercise.

I’ve been working on a new card game. Right now it’s just the templates for the game, but I’m pretty happy with the way they came out (thanks to Ian, Tim, and Ben for giving feedback). Yay cards.

This turned out to be a longer entry than I was expecting. Yay rambling.

Edit: I was bored and felt like some photoshopping.
Original here.

I’m a fan of the blue background.
The metal in his zipper is bothering me. I should do something about that.
I also think that it’s funny how his face looks so much lighter against the yellow than the blue background, even though I made no changes to anything other than the background.

2 thoughts on “Life

  1. Hm. I was going to ask you about the face. I think it’s the yellow in his hair contrasting differently against the two types of backgrounds — in the yellow shot, the whole picture looks warmer, so his face seems more saturated to me there. That and the little blue shadow on his neck made me think you flattened it a bit for the blue shot.

  2. Nice. I can’t really run for any amount of time unless I’m chasing a soccer ball.

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