Kelly! Food!

Kelly‘s new album is out, and it is quite amazing. You should go buy it and support her.
My favorites: Long Shot (++), Don’t Let Me Stop You (++), All I Ever Wanted (+), If I Can’t Have You, Impossible (+), Tip of My Tongue, The Day We Fell Apart (++).
The album contains a lot of different types of songs though, so there is probably something you’ll like on it :)
(The iTunes preorder-only bonus track is also really good. What is it with her and sticking good tracks as preorder-only bonuses? “Not Today” from My December was the same… excellent track, but preorder-only. I guess it’s good that I preorder all of her albums then… <_<)

Life has been happy and full of food. We made tasty veggie soup last night, and beef stew tonight (mainly because Safeway had carrots and onions on sale for $0.99 for 5 pounds). There will be chicken drumsticks with broccoli at some point as well. Mmm food.

I mainly just wanted to plug Kelly’s new album. Wheee!

Edit: This review is all kinds of awesome.

…All I Ever Wanted, a breakup record that isn’t so much about breaking up with anyone in particular as it is about breaking up with everyone in the entire world.

This is because, in some way, we’re all her exes. …we still haven’t deleted her from our cell phones, still see her name lurking there on our IM list and sometimes, when it is very late at night and we are very drunk, we have to try very hard not to send her a text message. These things are complicated.

We had a rather intense relationship, you see. One that started out as an infatuation… grew to a burning, have-my-baby brand of obsession… then ended abruptly and quite badly. Things got weird and complicated, and we decided that this wasn’t working anymore, that we needed to be free, so we split. It was a very cruel breakup, full of canceled arena tours and fizzled singles, and none of it was really Kelly’s fault. Still, we left her standing there. We broke her heart.

So All I Ever Wanted is Clarkson’s rebound, her ill-advised trip to Cancun with her girlfriends, her fling with an underwear model (metaphorically speaking). It is designed to make us jealous, to realize we were wrong about her and to want her back with every fiber of our beings. There are probably questionable Facebook photos involved. There are definitely margaritas.


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