Meme photos and food

Here’s the photos from the last meme.


I wasn’t happy with the way this came out, so I did this instead.


I dunno, I’m still not entirely happy with them. Meh.

I got my 50mm f/1.8 lens today. It takes awesome photos. I’ll shoot some portraits tomorrow with it.

Also, I have been buying and making cheap, tasty food lately. Yesterday I threw carrots, celery, and onions into a pot with some soy sauce, sugar, and chicken drumsticks, and simmered the entire thing for 30 minutes. It was very tasty.
Last week I breaded chicken breasts and baked them with ragu and cheese. Nom nom.
I might try marinating drumsticks in orange juice tomorrow. That sounds like it could be tasty or end in utter disaster.

My last three Safeway trips have had savings of 51%, 53%, and 50%, with items such as: 6 bagels for $1.50, whole wheat bread for $1.50, tomatoes for $0.98/lb, avocados at $0.67/each, large bin of baby spinach for $1.99, 2 liter soda free after coupon, chicken drumsticks at $0.99/lb, potatoes at $1.97 for 10 pounds, white onions at $1.00 for 3 pounds, baby carrots for $1.00, Raisin Bran for $0.99, Ragu sauce at $0.99, and Minute Maid orange juice for $1.99. Yay cheap and tasty groceries.