First off, my phone has more minutes, so you can all call me again. (You know, in case you have been not calling me for lack of minutes or something. :P) It had been sitting at below 10 minutes for the past month or so, because I didn’t want to add more until I was able to swap phones with my mom, and then I didn’t want to add more until my credit card rolled over another month, and blarg. I bought refill minutes through Calling Mart (recommended to me by Ben), and I recommend them for a nice discount on your refill minutes. If you use them, say that <my andrewid> at gmail.com referred you and I get points or something that are probably useful in some way.

I read this article today. Besides the part about owning less (which I’m finding myself agreeing with more and more), the part that really got to me was how the best things to spend your money on were experiences, or items to fuel experiences.

This is really true. When I think back to my time in San Francisco, I most remember things like the awesome pop-up restaurant dinner, the wine tour of Sonoma, or generally time with awesome friends. These are things where I would have been happy to spend more money and still feel like every dollar was worthwhile. (Although I still have a problem sometimes with not spending money when I go out with people… perhaps this is something I should work on fixing.)

Things I purchased like shittons of cards, gamecube games, or DVDs may have been interesting at the time, but they’re now sitting in boxes (some unopened) not being used anymore. The purchases I find worthwhile in retrospect are things like my camera, that facilitate experiences and memories of experiences.

So yeah. I don’t know what the point of this entry is anymore. Life is good. Spending money on things is not as good as spending money on experiences. Free experiences are good too. Yay life. Yay friends.

2 thoughts on “Experiences

  1. I had a thought about consumerism on the bike ride home today. I remember exactly where I had the thought, but not what it was.

    Consumerism is one of those things that makes no sense when you step back to look at it; an artifact from older more difficult times.

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