Wine Tasting in Sonoma

Today Sharon drove Richard, Victor, and myself up to Sonoma to do wine tasting and awesomeness.

Brunch at the girl & the fig featured humongous french toast stuffed with lemon cream and covered in blueberry sauce.

We visited four wineries (or at least their tasting centers): Sebastini, Chateau St. Jean, Kenwood, and St. Francis.
Kenwood has a 2009 Yulpa White Zinfandel that I really, really like.
St. Francis had an awesome tasting menu with food accompaniments. I could eat entire loaves of their sweet baguette. Nom. The pork and cheese were also really good.

Tweeted photos exist.
Tasty tasty food.

So overall it’s been quite the awesome (and busy) weekend.

Tons of thanks to Sharon for driving today and hosting yesterday, and to Charles and Matt for hosting yesterday.
(Alternately, tons of thanks to Sharon for driving today, and to Sharon and Charles and Matt for hosting yesterday.)

Because it is midnight and I didn’t get as much sleep last night as I wanted, photos (from yesterday and today) will have to wait until tomorrow to be posted. Check photos2 tomorrow evening (or subscribe to the RSS feed or follow the LJ account).

10 days to the move. Scary. Exciting.

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