I has cards!
This isn’t all of them because the shipment was short 4 boxes of DBZ TCG base set (the boring brown boxes in the back). Have to contact them on Tuesday about those.

I’m trying to decide how to ration these out between 3 months so I have cards to open each month (good thing that September starts on Monday).
I’ve already opened 1 box of DBZ starters (not sure what to do with the other 4…) and the Hecatomb boosters. I’ll open maybe one more thing today (which will probably be the Inuyasha starters) and figure out what I want to open for September later.

Also, Hecatomb boosters have 13 cards (nice) distributed in a 9/3/1 common/uncommon/rare fashion (not so nice). I fully expect to have 14 copies of some of the commons by the time I’m through this box of 24 boosters… and I also expect to be missing cards from the 72 card set. Meh.

Also also, DBZ TCG looks like it’s a lot better than the old DBZ CCG… my only concern is that it seems each character needs their own physical attack lookup table now. Each of the 6 characters that have starter decks (Goku, Vegeta, Krillin, Piccolo, Raditz, Nappa) comes with a table, but what happens when I have other characters from boosters (Gohan, Trunks, Bulma)? Maybe they’re just not allowed to use attacks with AT damage values?

Also yay 3 day weekend!
Is anyone down in Mountain View planning something?

Edit: So both issues seem to have been accounted for. Hecatomb (at least my box) had one copy of each of the 24 rares in the 24 booster packs, so I got a complete set in one box. Also, all of the DBZ TCG physical attack lookup tables are the same (don’t know why I didn’t notice this before) so any physical attack table can be used for any character.

So yeah, I’m excited about some of these games. Someone should play with me at some point :D

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