With the recent sales on many older TV series, I’ve taken the opportunity to catch up on a couple series I’ve been interested in but never really followed.

First was the short-lived comedy series Grosse Pointe. The show as a whole was pretty awesome with such hilarious juxtapositions as cast members fighting between takes of a scene where they are clutching each other in fear and saying how they love each other. If you’re looking for a good couple days’ entertainment, the entire series can be had for under $10 (shipping included) through Amazon marketplace. I highly recommend it.

Next was Roswell… all three seasons on Amazon for $42. I just finished the first season today and I have to say that I am very impressed. The season finale was really, really good.
So two seasons of that left to watch, which I will be doing in the coming days/weeks.

In addition, Amazon had a special sale on Smallville last week and was offering it at $10/season. Naturally, I had to get all 8 seasons. Those arrived tonight, so I now have 48 discs of Smallville goodness to watch. Whee.

My parents also bought the third season of Psych ($12 at Target on Black Friday), and I’m glad it’s not accessible to me right now because I’m already overloaded.

I still have the complete Firefly series from a while back when Best Buy had it on sale for $12. I keep meaning to watch it, but haven’t found time.

I also have the second season of the OC that I ordered a while back ($6 shipped from Amazon marketplace) that I should watch sometime. The first season was kind of a train wreck but I couldn’t look away, so we’ll see what the second season is like.

Oh yeah, and I still have season 3 of Supernatural to watch.

At least I have stuff to do now when I’m home alone and bored. :P

(Of course, if anyone is interested in watching any of these with me, I’m always up for “movie” nights)

3 thoughts on “TV-gasm

  1. Have you watched Freaks and Geeks? It’s one of the few shows I still intend to buy on DVD someday because I want to watch it over and over.

  2. It’s sort of strange to hear you’re buying DVDs. I basically will never buy hard-copy of media, because I know I can get it cheaper via Netflix or Hulu or Bittorrent.

    (Plus then I don’t have the physical object lying around taking up space forever.)

    Clearly you should get Netflix!

  3. Sharon: I have not. You should get it and show me. :D

    Dan: Sharon and I had this discussion already. I tend to re-watch my shows many times, so it’s far better for me to get physical copies. I don’t want Netflix for that reason.
    Also, bittorrent is stealing. :P If they’re good shows that you care enough to watch, you should buy them, especially given that you make enough money and they don’t cost all that much.

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