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Life has been pretty awesome lately.

Work has been quiet, for once. Feature freeze was fairly uneventful (with the exception of one issue last weekend).

Today was online games with my college group, and it was really nice.

As far as TV shows go, I finished Roswell and have started on Smallville. I’m halfway through the first season now, and have discovered that watching episodes at 1.4x with subtitles on is far more interesting (the dialog is still quite understandable, but the subtitles are good if I miss something, and I still often read faster than the lines are spoken). I suppose I’m missing out on a lot of subtlety with the actors’ speech and expressions, but it sure does advance the plot a lot quicker.

I guess it goes back to how I speed-read through books for the plot and not details. A good example of this is the last Harry Potter book. We bought it in the early afternoon and I had finished reading it by that evening. I could give a fairly good summary of the plot afterward. However, I missed a ton of details in the process… for example, I didn’t know that Ron and Hermione kissed until I started seeing Facebook groups that included a passage I couldn’t recall reading. Despite it being a fairly significant portion of a page, it was not relevant to the larger happenings at the time (with everyone about to die and all), so my brain (and eyes) skipped right over it.

I suppose as long as they bring me enjoyment it’s fine, but I sometimes wonder if it means I’m often going through life without appreciation for the little things that make it special.

Also, Smallville? Great show.

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  1. While I haven’t tried to do that, and I don’t know the shows in question, that sounds thoroughly unsatisfying. While it’s good and all to be able to get the plot, the subtleties and nuances of the performance and production itself is what makes it.

    I’ve tried listening to music at a faster speed, and with rare exception (“It’s the End of the World as We Know It”) it just detracts from the experience. Higher volume of data =/=> more enjoyment, to me at least.

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