Life lately

Life has gotten another update, bringing it up to today. Yay life.

I also got inspired to start working on the RPG Get! CCG again. I got the website up after about an hour of playing around with CSS and figuring how to hack stylesheets so IE does what I want it to (stupid non-standards compliant IE7). No cards yet though… still finishing up the base set.

Didn’t go to Capture the Flag with Stuff in the park today, and I’m very glad I didn’t go. Instead had a nice quiet day by myself (making tasty chicken and rice and beans for lunch, and working on RPG Get!) and then had some social activity at Sharon/Charles/Matt’s housewarming party. CtFwS would have been too much crazyness.

This is basically a dump of photos from the past few weeks:
Played with the zoom on my 18-200mm lens.

Went to the SCS picnic.

Went to Dim Sum with coworkers.

Went to Trisha’s to watch movies. Saw Smart People (finally) and decided it was a horrible movie. Dueled with Alfred with my new (very slow to reload) camera.

Had Sharon, Charles, Justin, and Mark over for games.

Went to Sharon/Charles/Matt’s housewarming, where there was Space Munchkin and N64 and Wii and lots of tasty food and wine.

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