RPG Get! and Coding

This has been a good week for completing old goals.

On Saturday and Sunday, I worked on the RPG Get! CCG website and got it (along with a beta of the base set cards) up. This is a game that has been in progress for over four years, so finally having something to show for it is awesome.

Today, I decided to finally finish up the AlanvDotOrg backend rewrite. This had been started over a year ago, and stalled due to my computer catching a virus, rendering it unable to connect to the internet after Norton had its way. Nevertheless, I had a bit of inspiration today at work, came home, and started hacking on it at around 5:30 PM. It is now 10:30, and it looks like it’s mostly complete. The backend is done, so you can once again comment on news posts. I also got three skins ported over, so you at least have a little bit of choice there. I’ll work on porting more skins tomorrow. I also have a couple ideas for new skins that I think would be awesome, so there will definetly be some of that too.

Work has also been full of accomplishing old goals. There’s been a few bugs we’ve been pushing back for a few releases, waiting for the right time. This week, we squished most of them dead (or are at least in the process of doing so). Yay for working on old bugs. We’ve also been increasing code coverage in our packages, including some of the legacy code we inherited. A little boring, but it’s nice to see numbers go up and to have increased confidence in the correctness of the code.

So yeah. Two of my big projects have finally reached some level of completion. This is awesome.

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