More Coding

Today I finally achieved my goal of unifying my journal and photos pages on my main site.

From the main page (if you’re using skin 6, as I haven’t added the links to the other skins yet, even though it works correctly), you can now have one-click access to see my latest three journal entries and my last three uploaded photo galleries.

The journal syndication is built on top of a generic RSS parser that I wrote, so it can theoretically syndicate everything from XKCD comics to slashdot onto my site. Right now it’s just being used to pull data from this journal.

The photos syndication is a custom-written parser that knows about my directory structure in photos2 (since I didn’t add an RSS feed for that). If I get around to doing that, this parser can go away and they can both rely on the RSS parser, which would be kind of awesome.

So yeah, that was my bit of accomplishment for today.

Yay for coding!

Edit: For those of you who don’t even want to click once, there’s now a “dashboard” on the splash page. When enabled, it will show a summary of the latest journal entry and my latest three photo galleries right on the front page. Yay laziness?

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