Old entries

Reading back in my journal archives (especially my first journal) is interesting, amusing, and often cringe-worthy. I was such an arrogant bastard back then.
Reading back in IM logs (especially to middle school) is even worse.
Anyone else done this and felt similarly?

Other things in life (which mostly follow from each other in some weird convoluted manner):
Work is awesome.
API is hard.
Airfare is expensive.
Yay for (tenative) Christmas plans.
Airplane meals are look tasty.
Domestic first class airplane meals look stupidly easy to make.
Cooking helps me relax.
Cooking for just one person sucks.
Groups make me uncomfortable.
“Group” now seems to be defined as more than 4 people.
Dim sum is tasty.
Tiny, cheap cameras are awesome.
Everyone is getting married.
I’ve never been invited to a wedding. But I have gone to one as a guest with a friend who was invited.
Facebook is creepy.
Love is awesome.
Sleep should happen.

Edit: How is it 3 AM? :(
In any case, I should make more entries like this. Blorp.

6 thoughts on “Old entries

  1. My high school-era posts are so ridiculous that I’m considering taking ’em offline. I like reading them, but I don’t like the idea of “important people” reading too much into them :-D
    But at the same time, the blogosphere around 2005-2006 really was different than it is today. I blame Twitter and Facebook. I definitely don’t write long, introspective stuff much any more.

  2. I hate reading old entries of mine. I am embarrassed about what I wrote, and for most of the time I kept a journal, I don’t even want to remember what went on at that time.

  3. Why is Facebook creepy, lol?

    I often feel completely weird in groups too. I prefer to hang out in smaller numbers– like 4 or less :).

    And yeah, I agree that when we look back on things from our…ahem… younger days, we are often surprised at how much we have matured. Yay! I like to look at this as a positive sign of my own personal growth!

  4. So, you don’t like groups, yet cooking for just one person sucks. Could you cook for a group of 5?

    I never got into the habit of blogging or journaling, I could really use some pointers on the motivation to keep producing content. Like I have tons of photos, even completed and edited albums, but many haven’t made it to my website.

    **From my original attempt to post to the footnote link**
    Wow, that’s some awesome things you did there! You said you whined about being arrogant… well you were probably just proud that you were doing so many things that no one else had stepped up to do! Also sounded like a healthy attempt to be positive and realize you were “on a good track.”

    I didn’t know the cardgames were for a school fundraiser! That’s really cool! I made a few unsuccessful attempts to get involved at school, but I was always in my little niche.

    Am i allowed to post this far into the future?

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