Growing Up

This weekend, I went through and tagged (on my computer) all of my photos from middle school and freshman year of high school, as well as about 1/4 of the photos from sophomore year.

I also posted random selections of the middle school photos onto Facebook.

Overall, this has left me with a huge sense of nostalgia, and a feeling of jealousy that kids today have access to cheap cameras to document their childhoods.

The first part, I suppose, is expected. It seems like not too long ago when we were eighth graders, feeling excited that we were soon growing up and going to *gasp* high school. Yet, it’s been 9 years. Some of the people I sat around the lunch table with are engaged or married. Most have graduated with degrees and gone to get jobs. It’s amazing how much can change in a decade.

Even high school photos, which somehow seem significantly more recent, are now remnants from a time long past. Going back and seeing the first photos of some people I now consider close friends… seeing all the relationships grow and change and end. It seems strange to consider that there were times before you knew the important people in your life. It seems even stranger to consider that some of your closest friends then are people you rarely, if ever, communicate with now.

I suppose this entry is rather disjoint and I’m not really sure what I’m writing any more. At least I don’t find myself missing the past as much as simply reminiscing on it. Hopefully this means that my life is such that I have no regrets about where I’ve ended up.

Yay life.