Quiznos’ Deceptive Marketing

So a couple weeks ago I received a ton of Quiznos coupons in the mail (not as part of some larger coupon packet, so they must have sent it themselves), about half of which were coupons for free subs (either when you buy one sub, or when you buy one sub and a drink). Thinking this was a good deal, I pulled some coworkers into going with me. When I got there, it turned out that they weren’t actually honoring the coupons, and their “since” date on the notices posted were before I had even received the coupons so it would seem that they had never intended on honoring the coupons. Instead, they gave some small discount with the coupon ($3 off two subs, I believe it was). I figured since we were there anyway, we might as well do it. (Felt a bit cheated the whole time though, like they had pulled a bait-and-switch on me.)

Today, I came across the million subs website, which gives you a coupon good for a free sub if you sign up with some personal info (name, age, favorite sub, state and zip). Again, I sent the link around and headed there at lunch with a couple coworkers intending to get a sub. Once again, there was a notice that they were not honoring the coupon and were instead giving a small discount. I checked another nearby Quiznos and this seems to be standard for the area.

I consider this extremely deceptive on their part. I understand that the area is a little more expensive (it *is* the financial district/SOMA in SF), but they did send out the promotional material the first time, and the website did not state any limitations on the use of the coupon, even though it had my zip code and could have easily notified me. To do this to pull in customers, and then refuse to honor the deals, is unacceptable.

So yeah, I’m a little pissed off about this. I used to love Quiznos, and would go to the one in Pittsburgh sometimes and get their tasty soup-in-a-breadbowls and ones here for Sammies (nom nom). But after this experience, I think I’m going to be dropping Quiznos from my list of lunch destinations in SF. Shame on you for your horrible marketing practices.

In other, unrelated, news, Alisa and Chris, you still haven’t reposted the meme. I have your photos mostly finished, but you won’t get them until you repost :P

In other other news, I ordered the lens I talked about in my last post. It should arrive at some point next week. Exciting! :D

5 thoughts on “Quiznos’ Deceptive Marketing

  1. I think at least some (if not all) of the Quiznos restaurants are franchises, which would explain why they may or may not accept the coupons (though it’s still kinda lame).

    Also, the owner of the one on Craig St. was awesome.

  2. The issue isn’t that one particular Quiznos isn’t accepting the coupons… it’s that all the Quiznos in the area around where I live don’t (and all offer the same discount instead of the free whatever)… and they still sent me the coupons and the website didn’t say anything about it.

    That just seems like poor marketing.

  3. While disappointing, this is not deceptive marketing. Like all franchise promotions, the advertising says “At participating locations.”
    Since each franchise is an independent business that has licensed the Quiznos brand and recipes, they have the freedom to accept or not accept any promotion on behalf of a separate company’s marketing. My guess is that the free sub deal isn’t a fair deal to the franchises in some way or another. I’ve never been burned on this particular kind of thing, and it sucks, but it’s not like anyone lied.

  4. Again, the issue isn’t that there are locations not accepting the promotions.

    The issue is that all the locations in this area aren’t honoring the promotion in the exact same way (instead of X, you can use the coupon for a discount of Y off Z, where Y and Z are equal for all the locations I checked).

    When this is the case, your targeted marketing is failing epicly if you send coupons to that zip code. That is deceptive.

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