I went photographing with Gopi today, and had a lot of fun.

I got to try out Gopi’s 8mm lens, with 180 degree view:

Also, it was rainy:

I also shot a lot of photos with Gopi’s 50mm f/1.4 lens. I’d forgotten how much I loved the lower fstops on my film cameras because of the amazing depth of field you get, and the ability to handhold after sunset or indoors (such as the cluster):

Have to end with this:

As a result, I will likely almost certainly be buying myself this lens (50mm f/1.8, ~75mm equivalent for digital) later this week. My normal-use lens (18-200mm) only stops down to f/3.5 at the 18mm end and f/6.2 at the 200mm end (and my 100-300mm isn’t much better), which is generally worthless for depth of field. Also, this would be an ideal portraiture lens, and I tend to prefer shooting portraits. Meh.

…I can afford to spend $130, right?
…I still feel bad spending it though. Blahhh.
…I’m also tempted by the 50mm f/1.4 but I don’t think the extra stop down is worth an extra ~$250.

2 thoughts on “Piccaring

  1. I own that lens already and want to make sure that you realize that it has some major internal reflection problems. Like I took a picture of a lighted sign at night and it had a second image of the light points reversed and upside down. If you want to see what it did, poke me on AIM and I can either go take a new picture to demonstrate the problem or dig up an existing one if I still have one.

  2. cpride, are you using a filter? I’ve had the same problem on all of my lenses, I believe, but the extra image goes away if I take off the UV filter.

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