Ugh camera repair

So some of you probably remember my horror stories about this camera repair service (such as not fixing it the first time, not being open during their advertised hours causing me to waste a trip downtown, not having people on-hand to do repairs despite that being their name, losing my flash popup button such that I had to use a paperclip to pop it).

Turns out they left me with another present: When they fixed my camera, they set the time on it behind by 12 hours. This isn’t something I noticed before because I usually don’t use timestamps, and the time itself is right (it’s just the AM/PM part that’s wrong). Noticed this today while tagging photos because Photoshop Album (which is a rather terrible program in itself, but I digress) sorts photos by chronological timewise but reverse chronological for days (i.e. as you’re scrolling down, 12:01 midnight on January 2 appears before 11:59 PM on January 1, but 11:58 PM on January 1 also appears before 11:59 PM), so some days were being split up (because photos taken before vs after noon on that day were being reported as different days). So yeah, now I have to go and fix the timestamp on every photo from August 5, 2007 until today. Argh.

Don’t ever use this camera repair service. Seriously.

On the plus side, I have now tagged 104226 photos. Yay photos.

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