Camera repairs, take three

As further proof that it only takes one thing to ruin my day, I offer today as an example.

I had a very good day at work. Today was mostly spent integrating my bug fixes into the code base and ensuring that I didn’t break anything.
A nice surprise came at around 10 AM when the camera repair shop called me to tell me my camera was fixed. Yay!
I talked to another programmer about one of my bug fixes, as he had a similar issue that he was working on. He praised my fix and wondered how he hadn’t thought of that before, and said that he was going to base his fix on mine. That made me feel really good about my ability, especially since this was probably the most complicated fix I’ve done this summer (involving multiple asynchronous calls and interaction between more than three threads).
My boss said that he liked many of my fixes, and that the issues he was bringing up were all nitpicks.
Overall, I integrated over 10 bug fixes into the codebase today, fixing two priority 1 bugs, as well as a bunch of other lower priority bugs.

I headed home a bit early to grab my credit card, lens, and memory card (so I could pay and test my camera), leaving work feeling very satisfied.
I bused to the camera repair shop. It took about 30 minutes.

So apparently they decided to close over an hour early today, and hadn’t bothered to tell me this morning when they called about my camera… you know, in case I decided to go and pick it up today or something.
As a result, I was in a rather bad mood as I boarded the bus home.
The bus back was extremely packed and I was getting claustrophobic, and people were blatantly ignoring the “please move to the rear” signs resulting in there being about 10 people standing at the VERY FRONT of the bus (despite the fact that there were both seats in the very back and nobody standing behind the first row of seats), making me miss my stop at Craig.
Overall I spent over an hour on two buses going downtown and back. I was not very happy when I was coming into Fairfax.
As I approached the elevator, I saw this girl entering the building from the front, and held the elevator for her. Not only did she take forever to walk to the elevator (almost as if she was going deliberately slow to spite me, since she definetly acknowledged that I was holding the elevator for her and she wanted it). Then she proceeds to take the elevator to the second floor.

Now I am rather annoyed at the world and this company, given that they took 4 days to even tell me what was wrong with my camera (because their technician was out… but it seems to me that if your company is named “Camera Repair Store”, you should have more than one technician), the repair was more expensive than I was expecting (although, to be fair, I suppose that wasn’t their fault), and they closed early and made me waste over an hour of my day for nothing. And I am still cameraless.

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