Camera repairs, take four

I wish this could be a “my camera is back and I am happy” entry….
My camera *is* back. However, they somehow lost the button that pops up the flash, so I currently have a paperclip attached to the strap that I have to insert into the hole to pop the flash.
There should not be this many problems with a company that is named for doing camera repairs.

In any case, work on Friday was amazing. I now have a total of about 28 bug fixes integrated into the codebase, fixing everything from minor code cleanup issues to major exception-at-runtime-and-loss-of-data issues.
I also worked a bit with another intern trying to get some software running off of the web.
Yay job satisfaction!

There was tasty dinner followed by 3-layer vanilla bean cake last night. I think this was actually the first time I’d eaten out in a while… and it just made me appreciate more how much cheaper it is to cook yourself (and not any less enjoyable than eating out if you have someone else to cook for :) ).

This weekend (later today, actually) is Ohio funness for twinsday. I get to photograph twins! Here’s hoping my camera holds up… given how much I paid to have it fixed, it’d better.
I should also call the company today and complain about the flash button. Bleh.

So yeah, I don’t recommend this camera repair service.

2 thoughts on “Camera repairs, take four

  1. Then again, since the onboard flash is a complete waste of space that serves no purpose except to destroy pictures, maybe they just did your camera a favor?

    I wouldn’t trust anyone with a website like that. Period.

  2. That’s…can’t you like, sue them or something? I dunno. You should most definitely complain about your camera. And then kick them where it hurts. That’s how I fix things. :)

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