Camera repairs, take two

So my camera cost over $250 to fix. That’s over a third the cost of a new D50 (theoretically speaking, since you can’t buy them anymore), half the cost of a new D40, and a fourth the cost of a new D80 (which I want).
Oh well.
If it needs another major repair, I’ll scrap it and buy a new camera.
Unfortunately, it probably won’t be fixed by this weekend, but meh. Alisa is awesome and is letting me borrow hers, which means I don’t have to worry.

Life has been really weird the past few days. Greg and I have had parallel-but-off-by-one weeks in that he had a bad day on Monday and spent a lot of money on repairing his car on Tuesday… and I had a bad day yesterday and spent a lot of money repairing my camera today. Meh.
Relatedly, all the things that were getting me down yesterday (problems with payroll at work, not having a camera for this weekend, my camera being broken, and feeling like I wasn’t doing well enough at work) got resolved today (payroll got sorted out, Alisa is letting me borrow her camera, my camera is being repaired, and I got a positive job review from my boss at work today), so whee.
Life is good.

I’m almost definetly going to continue work next semester, part time, and drop down to being a part-time student. So far, my schedule looks like work, OS, and Pen-Based Computing. I need to talk to my boss to make sure I can get time off around kernel crunch time, but I feel like I can handle that (especially since work would be like taking another class, except with no homework, and I’d only be working at most 20 hours a week). I’ve already talked to 8 (my OS partner) and he’s okay with it too. Whee!

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