Photo Firsts (Mark, Dan again) and Stats

Life has gotten another month of updates. It would have been more, and you were going to get some photoshops as well, but then I decided to be social and Ally came over and we went to the bookstore and Safeway and I just got home, so you only get a month and no photoshops.

Here’s my first photo of Mark:

October 10, 2004, before the Simmons Farm trip. This is not, however, my first photo of Rob Bayer… I have one photo of him standing there before I included Mark in the shot.

Also, it turns out I was incorrect in this earlier post about my first Dan photo. THIS is my first Dan photo:

September 29, 2004, in 15200 lecture. This may also be my first Matt photo… I have not confirmed yet.

I am now, unfortunately, done tagging all my CMU photos. This means that every photo I have taken between May 27, 2004 and present day (as well as many, many before that date) is tagged and searchable. I’m at over 120,000 photos tagged. Awesomeness.

This means I can present some stats on my photos, for those interested (currently only limited to things that start with CMU since high school photos aren’t all tagged yet):

    Number of photos by person, for people I group as “Fairfax people” (basically, all the people who have had “Photo Firsts” posts so far):

  • Apphia: 1812 photos, 9-2-04 to 5-18-08
  • Dan: 1360 photos, 9-29-04 to 5-18-08
  • Greg: 2286 photos, 9-9-05 to 12-25-08
  • Ian: 892 photos, 9-2-04 to 12-23-08
  • Keith: 2315 photos, 11-13-04 to 8-16-08
  • Mars: 600 photos, 2-26-05 to 5-18-08
  • Mark: 2131 photos, 10-10-04 to 2-7-09
  • Tim A.: 2285 photos, 9-2-04 to 12-23-08
  • Tim M: 2856 photos, 9-10-04 to 5-18-08
    Additionally, by date starting with Freshman year:

  • August 1, 2004 to July 31, 2005: 19172
    • August 1, 2004 to December 31, 2004: 13740
    • January 1, 2005 to May 31, 2005: 5220
    • June 1, 2005 to July 31, 2005: 212
  • August 1, 2005 to July 31, 2006: 20495
    • August 1, 2005 to December 31, 2005: 6920
    • January 1, 2006 to May 31, 2006: 10741
    • June 1, 2006 to July 31, 2006: 2834
  • August 1, 2006 to July 31, 2007: 23146
    • August 1, 2006 to December 31, 2006: 6392
    • January 1, 2007 to May 31, 2007: 14128
    • June 1, 2007 to July 31, 2007: 2626
  • August 1, 2007 to July 31, 2008: 35743
    • August 1, 2007 to December 31, 2007: 23916
    • January 1, 2008 to May 31, 2008: 8672
    • June 1, 2008 to July 31, 2008: 3155
  • August 1, 2008 to present: 10213
    • August 1, 2008 to December 31, 2008: 6223
    • January 1, 2009 to present: 3990

5 thoughts on “Photo Firsts (Mark, Dan again) and Stats

  1. I WIN

    A good effort by Greg though, who had started a year later than me.

    What happened in the fall semester of 2007 that was so phototastic?

  2. Holy crap… that many of pictures of me exist?

    Then again, I’m assuming this doesn’t include surveillance from the government in Mars’ closet.

  3. It is a bit weird to think how long ago that was. At least I was fully grown.

    Rob never could keep his eyes off me!

  4. Al-Tim:

    I can’t say I particularly recommend it for tagging large numbers of photos due to its complete lack of useful keyboard input… to tag something, you *have* to scroll up and down in the tag bin to find the tag and then drag it onto the photo. Being able to ctrl-click or shift-click multiple tags/photos helps a little, but not much.
    I will never understand why they didn’t include a feature where you could start typing and it would list the tags that matched.

    Also, it doesn’t give reasonable ways to sort photos within a collection. You can force to reorder by date, but that’s it. You then have to manually drag things around within it.

    Also, it completely takes over your computer and installs a program that will try to import photos from any photo source you attach (camera, memory card, phone, ipod, flash drive) with no way to disable it.

    …but at least it’s free, right?

    I actually have the paid version of album that came with Photoshop Elements, but that’s even worse… still limited feature set (and wayyy too integrated with Photoshop itself, with no way to disable it), but the size of the photo DB it creates on your hard drive is more than 3x as big as the one the free one does (I tried converting over my existing DB when I had only tagged a couple thousand photos, and it took more than 2 hours to convert, during which time my computer was completely unusable).

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