I swear I’m so paranoid sometimes.

This morning I walked to Safeway because I had a coupon that expired today for Ragu pasta sauce and pasta. There was some Ragu on sale for $1/package. The coupon required 2 packages of sauce and any one package of pasta. Awesome.

Got home and realized that one of the sauce packets expired October 3, 2008. I was heading to games this afternoon anyway, so I stopped back at Safeway to exchange the sauce. Walked with the lady to the aisle and found there weren’t any more of that kind of sauce left, so she offered me a refund.

Went to process the refund and she looked up the coupons I had used. She then said that I had only paid $0.75 for the two packages of sauce (if you assume the pasta is full price, this is true) after the coupon. I offered to pay the difference between the returned packet and a full jar. She said that she would offer me $0.37 credit towards the jar. However, buying the jar of sauce instead makes the coupon apply, so I should get the full dollar credit toward the jar, and I tried to point this out to her.
She ended up giving me the jar for free and keeping the receipt.

Now I’m all paranoid because I keep thinking that she kept it so she can secretly recharge my credit card tonight or something. I guess I’ll be checking my statements carefully until the charges clear.
I don’t know. I wouldn’t have minded paying the extra $2.whatever difference in price, but I guess she didn’t care or (heh) figured she’d get it later. I hope I didn’t come off as argumentative.

Of course all of this only happened because I forgot this coupon while shopping yesterday and had to go back today.

Also, next time I’ll eat the dollar loss (no pun intended) and just throw out the sauce. If I wasn’t heading back that direction today anyway, I probably would have, but now it’s just going to make me worry tonight. Blah.

At least games were lots of fun. Played Leonardo Da Vinci, which ended up with a 102-versus-13 point spread at the end of the game; Race for the Galaxy with expansion pack, which adds additional “goals” that you can win victory points for (such as being the first to build a 6-cost development or being the first to build one of each good-type world); a random puzzle thing (similar to a rubric’s cube but spherical with little beads in grooves instead of blocks), which I solved after figuring out the trick for; and a game whose name I can’t rememberEl Grande, which involved controlling various regions and scoring points and doing actions, all controlled by a bidding system (which wasn’t Risk). Whee.

5 thoughts on “Ugh

  1. If you honestly think that grocery store workers care enough to charge your credit card after you leave, you underestimate people’s apathy.

    Also, that last game you describe could be about half of the Eurogames in existence, if not more.

  2. Ooh, Race for the Galaxy! That game is awesome =D

    Also, I remembered to comment the right blog! Go me!

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