Did a bit of Black Friday madness today and bought the third season of Supernatural and the first two seasons of Entourage (yay stuff to watch)… (70% off Supernatural, 69.9% off each season of Entourage).
Interestingly, Supernatural came with a code to download all third season episodes from iTunes as well. I think this is an awesome feature, actually… since people are trying to prevent you from ripping your DVDs into video files, they give you a way to get the video files for free so you don’t have to dig out your disks every time you want to see an episode. Of course, they’re DRM-crippled downloads (and the disks are probably DRM-infested as well), but at least they’re trying.

Thanksgiving last night was awesome. There was perfectly-cooked turkey (Purple wins), stuffing (inside the bird, so I didn’t have any), mashed potatoes, candied yams, corn, cranberry sauce, rolls, and cornbread. And Canadian Mountain Dew which is apparently caffeine free due to some law that says that only cola drinks can be caffeinated there. How odd. There was also pumpkin and apple pie with ice cream and whipped cream. Also FFX.

Also Pat is here. Yay Pat.

Second year in a row that I’ve had something I am so incredibly thankful for, and here’s hoping that continues.

3 thoughts on “Movies

  1. I’m not enormously fond of stuffing no matter how it’s made, but I don’t want to make a big deal with my grandparents about it, so I usually eat what they give me and decline any more…

    However, I know that, from a food science perspective, eating stuffing from inside the bird is one of the more dangerous things you can do, because you need to get the entirety of the stuffing up to bird-cooking temperature to guard against food poisoning and such, and there’s a lot of insulation to go through there. (This means that the meat thermometer for cooking the bird actually needs to go into the stuffing and not the bird.) That produces a difficult balance wherein you need to get the stuffing up to temperature before you dry out the rest of the bird.

    As such, whether I like it or not, I find inside-the-bird stuffing to be inherently suspect unless I’ve watched it get cooked, and I don’t like it enough to want to worry about that… especially because I don’t really want to alienate my grandparents, which I fear I would if I ever brought it up.

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