Moar cardz

Finished opening 3 boxes of DBZ expansion today. Apparently I got really lucky (or I got three boxes that were from the same run) because I got exactly one of each of the 36 rares in the expansion, leaving me with one complete set of rares (and almost 3 complete sets of commons and 1 complete set of uncommons). Awesome.
Distributions, however, are still extremely skewed. I’m now up to 6 copies of some of the Black and Blue styled uncommons, but I only have a single copy of each of the Namekian uncommons, and one copy of three of the four Red uncommons. Similarly I’m up to 5 copies of some of the uncommon Alien characters but only have one copy of the uncommon Frieza and Vegeta cards. Commons are even worse, but I at least have two copies of each common.

Apparently you can buy single rares from this site. I should buy #182 Black Dragon Support and #187 Black Z Warriors Support. That’ll complete my DBZ base set and makes more sense than buying $5 boxes of 12 packs for a 1/61 chance per pack of pulling the right card… it just feels weird paying $3 for a single card (since that’s basically the retail price for a booster pack of 10 cards). I suppose I can get myself a Christmas present or something.

I’ll post a photo of all the opened boosters once I get through the last 3 boxes of expansion. 192 booster packs of epic win.