I suppose I should write an update.

Downloaded David Cook’s new album today. It is good. Very good. You should get it (from Amazon to protest DRM-infected iTunes and Rhapsody). Highlights of the album (for me) are Declaration and Permanent. Also, thanks to Greg for all the pepsi points that let me download the album for free. Awesomeness.

Been opening DBZ expansion boosters. I now have a complete set of uncommons after 2 boxes (the past 3 packs contained, of the 9 uncommons, the 9 uncommons that I didn’t yet have) as well as almost-3 complete sets of commons. I’m also on track to have a complete set of rares, but we’ll see how that goes. Distributions seem to be skewed the same way as in the base set… lots of the uninteresting cards (Black and Blue styles, human characters) and few of the interesting ones (Saiyan and Namekian styles, Saiyan characters). ’tis unfortunate.

Work is going. Last week was Apex/Visualforce/Development training, which was useful. This week is lots of bugs.

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