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I finished opening the 10 boxes of DBZ TCG yesterday (120 booster packs).
I ended up with at least 4 copies of each common, so that’s fine. I also ended up with at least 1 copy of every uncommon (2 copies of every uncommon except one, 3 copies of every uncommon except three). That’s also decent.
However, if you don’t include the foil cards, I ended up missing 2 rares (Black Dragon Support and Black Z Warriors Gather, but I received a foil Black Dragon Support in the first box). Given that I had 4 copies of some of the rares (5 if you include foils), this is rather disappointing.

I played through CMU Adventures again today, making a defense/magic character. Certain spells (sex appeal and aging, in particular) become crazy powerful at higher stats, dealing 100+ damage per cast. I really need to work on the game more. In particular, the early game is still way too difficult. Healing items are rare and not terribly effective, and I ended up having to leave one person alive to use purely for healing when I got knocked down to low health. Once you pass the first boss, the game becomes a breeze though, so that part is probably fine.

I’ve been kinda getting back into KoL… at least, been “getting into” it enough to want to complete the remaining level 11 and 12 quests so I can fight the sorceress. At least things are incredibly easy now because I’ve been spending all my adventures (during my hiatus period) at the gym raising moxie and muscle (which are now about twice my myst, which is supposed to be my primary stat). Whee.

I should do more with my weekends.

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