Combined TCG, Take 2

The CTCG site has been updated with a new “minimal translation” format.

I realized today, looking over my card games, that most games are already based around some sort of battle system. Therefore, linking games together should be as simple as providing a way for these different combat systems to work together. At least, this should work for games that are primarily battle-based… notsomuch for exploration-based things like Star Trek CCG.

The goal of the minimal translations is to allow you to play your turns normally as your game would define (play Pokemon and Energy and Trainers, power up your DBZ fighter and play Supports, play a storable Monster or hidden card or PC equipment or PC, etc). The only time the rules need to step in is during an attack to define how the attack is handled across game boundaries.

The translations for the three existing games so far seem to make sense in my mind, but perhaps I missed something. As always, feedback is appreciated.

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