We Didn’t Start the Fire

So today, when browsing the web for randomness at work, I came across In 2007, which most of you have probably seen before (I know, I’m way behind on internet stuffs).

Reminded me that, in 6th grade, my humanities/history class did our own version of the song (spanning the years 1986 through 1996, I believe).

It’s now posted here in case anyone is interested in listening to it.

Apologies for the crap quality. It was recorded from some professional equipment onto cassette tape… then duplicated on different tape… then digitized through a microphone into WAV format… then converted into MP3 (it was the 90s, give me a break :P).
As I recall, the class split into groups of 3 or so, each responsible for a year. We researched events that happened that year and assembled a verse. The verses were stitched together (hence why it mostly doesn’t rhyme) and we got a semi-professional artist to record it for us. Whee.
There’s a version of this with the entire class singing it somewhere on a cassette tape in my closet… I should dig it out if I’m back in Arizona at some point.

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