Thanksgiving and flooring

I had a Thanksgiving. It was nice to sit around for 5 days with no commitments.

Of course, life made up for it afterward.

On Monday, we had people over to refinish our hardwood floors. This by itself would have been fine, because I live (and work) about 4 minutes from the house. But Monday we also had a P0 production issue that I had to deal with at work, involving lots of calls and coordination of the change with different teams. Which meant that I was just further behind on the thing I actually needed to be doing work-wise, which has a hard deadline and I was already in danger of missing. Monday was probably work until 11 PM or so, as a result, including tons of jumping around between the apartment and the house.

On top of that, all of my Black Friday purchases started arriving. I wanted to make sure everything worked properly, so I could return or exchange broken items this week, so I had to spend some time setting everything up and making sure it worked. On the plus side, Guitar Hero and Rock Band make for some reasonable diversion from the general stress of things right now, at least.

Tuesday wasn’t much better. Floors are still in progress, and work is still crazy, and I’m still generally feeling overwhelmed with things. But at least I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel now.

Also my new camera is awesome. Looking forward to using it tonight at games.