This is the new year

It’s 2016! life‘s photojournal and stats pages have both been updated.

Hard to believe that it was an entire year ago that we sat in the living room drinking champagne out of reindeer cups to celebrate the new year. Seems like only a few months ago.

It’s been rather a crazy year. We went to 4 weddings this year, including our own (which we also spent most of the beginning of the year planning) and bought a house, and had various work changes and turmoil. I visited HQ three times (I think a new record for me?), spent an extended period of time with my parents, and bought my first mattress. I was also away from Pittsburgh for nearly all of December, which was its own bit of fun.

I spent the first week of the month in San Francisco for work, followed by a Phoenix trip, which was good. I stayed 2.5 weeks in Phoenix to try and see some high school people before Christmas, and it worked out somewhat? Got to see Pat, Vicki, and David, at least. (Also got to see Jennie and Schmiddy, which was less planned, but still awesome.)

More photos are at photos.

This past week has also been really hectic. We had a car for the week, so we went to all the places we couldn’t normally get to to buy things we couldn’t normally carry. Unfortunately, a lot of stuff didn’t go as expected. Ikea was sold out of the chairs we wanted, and wasn’t going to get more until tomorrow (Saturday), and the car was due back yesterday. Costco also had a couch we wanted, but we’d have no way to get it back other than renting a U-Haul, so we’re looking into other options that include shipping. Also generally we didn’t get as much cleaning done in the house as we would have liked, but that’s the way it goes?

Yesterday evening Akiva hosted a New Year’s party at William’s house (while William was out of town, which was rather amusing). It was nice having people to celebrate with.

The house is nearing move-in condition. We’ve cleaned almost all of the first-floor rooms and will continue trying to find furniture to fill them. We built the Ikea table and Target storage cubes we bought and put them in the appropriate rooms, and it’s nice to start having furniture. I think at this point we just need a bed frame for the mattress, and to clean the kitchen out so it’s usable, and it’s technically ready for us. Woo.

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