I. Have. Internet.

I have internet. It’s about goddamn time.

I hate AT&T so much. They didn’t even need me here today… I was expecting someone to come in to look at the ports inside or something, since they had already sent a tech to look at the outside yesterday. Nope. The guy basically only needed access to a room in the garage… and the key to that room is in the front office. He messed around on the same switchboard the guy yesterday had been messing with (there was even a note on it with my apartment number, taped to a wire, dated with yesterday). Why I had to leave work early and wait around here for 3 hours… I don’t quite understand.

Of course, if this hadn’t fixed the problem, it was “my fault” and we would have had to pay $70 for a tech to come out and look at the stuff in our apartment. How is that at all fair?

On totally unrelated topics, work is amazing. My boss is awesome, my team (security) is awesome, the company is awesome, and free soda and cereal and snack bars and fruit and oatmeal and tea and coffee and gatorade is a nice touch… never have to buy breakfast again.
Also, today featured a team meeting during which everyone drinks lots of booze and gets drunk. Mmmm 15-year-old whiskey. Best place to work ever. <3
I love my job.

2 thoughts on “I. Have. Internet.

  1. My supervisor last summer only _talked_ about Pizza’n’Beer Fridays. Way to have an awesome employer.

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