It’s A Post

Wow, I haven’t written anything here for a while.

Last week at work was admin training… basically learning all about the application. It was good.

This week was my first real week of work. Fixed some bugs, wrote some tests, fixed some more bugs, wrote some more tests… somewhere along the line I started learning some of the codebase, which is good. I still feel overwhelmed by all the code, but at least I’m not feeling completely stupid and frustrated like I was feeling Wednesday.

Life besides work has been uneventful. Last weekend was rock climbing followed by bars with people from work, and it was quite awesome. I really should get out more… it’s just that I always feel so tired after work and just want to sleep. Meh.

I miss people in Pittsburgh, but I’m really happy here in San Francisco. I guess that’s a good state to be in.

Living here is expensive. Let’s go shopping.

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