Despite work going pretty well (if a bit slow), the rest of my life today hasn’t gone nearly as smoothly or happily.

So I still don’t have internet at home, despite the fact that I was supposed to have had it this past Monday. Three calls to ATT later, no luck. They’re sending someone out to look at the line tomorrow (which I fortunately don’t have to be home for). If (and likely when) that doesn’t resolve the issue, they’re going to have to send someone to look at it inside, which means I’m going to have to be home and skip work (at least for a bit). This sucks. Sucks sucks sucks. Hate.

Also, the calls and such have used up around 40 minutes on my cell phone, which is 40 less minutes I have to call people I really need to call instead of calling people to deal with things that shouldn’t even be problems in the first place.

So I come to the coffeeshop to try and read my email and whatnot. My laptop can’t connect to the wireless. I try rebooting, and it refuses to shut down. When I finally do get it rebooted, it still can’t connect. Try turning it off (which of course it refuses to do) and waiting… no luck. Just when I’m about to give up 40 minutes later (when my tea is all cold and my muffin is gone), it finally decides to connect. Hate. Hate.

Had a ton of trouble at work today with even the most simple of tasks, like installing software so I can set up my development environment and start writing code. Sometimes I feel like I fail so badly at things. Hate.

Also, I’m looking at flights to Pittsburgh for April (Carnival) and May (graduation), and they’re all really expensive. Major suckage. Hate.
I’m half tempted to not put down the $300+ it’s going to cost me to fly there in April (since I’m going to be there less than a month later anyway), but meh… I promised a bunch of people, and I am really missing everyone there. So yeah. Hate.

Also also, the floating holidays I have at work (4 of them) aren’t usable at any time… only a preset number of dates (such as your birthday, MLK day, etc) which means I can’t use them for April or May… which means I’ll be using up 4 days of PTO (two for Carnival if I fly in Thursday like I want to, 2 for graduation). This sucks… and it’s also frustrating because I feel like spending so much money to be in Pittsburgh for, essentially, a weekend isn’t worth it… I’d rather spend an entire week there. We’ll have to see… maybe I can justify missing more days (I do get 15 days PTO per year) in April so I can get there for the opening of Carnival (maybe fly out Wednesday).

I also feel weird taking so much time off given that I’m so new and that I’m likely going to be taking a month off (unpaid) in June to visit Thailand with my parents. I’m emailing my boss asking his opinion.

Relatedly, I found out today that our next major release is in June. If I can’t get the time off, I wonder if I can move the Thailand trip we were planning to July instead. Blar.

So in general, I am in a really shitty mood at the moment. Nothing’s going right today.

2 thoughts on “Annoyances

  1. Sorry to hear that you’re not feeling well. ::sadness:: At least work isn’t so terrible, and you can always get good food. If it’s not too much trouble, could you email me your current address? I’d like to send you a card or something.

  2. The internet providers in this country are dumb. Throw rocks at them?

    As for airline tickets, unless your budget is such that you are on a college student class budget $300 for an airline ticket shouldn’t be all that bad. I’m stuck paying a lot more than that for useful airline tickets to Pittsburgh. (My average for tickets at this point is around $500 skipping the $1200 dollar one that wasn’t to Pittsburgh for Christmas.)

    I suggest going to Pittsburgh, it is usually worth it. I’ve been pulling off visits for Carolyn and I about once a month.

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