The best word to describe the trip would be “frustrating”, even though the interview and the evening afterward were very, very nice.

It started out with a plane ride on Thursday afternoon that meant I missed Pen-based computing class. Not a big deal, but in general it got me stressed about OS and how I was really worried about getting to the checkpoint and whatnot. (See last entry for full angst-ness.)
The flight was long… I hate flying… I hate layovers. The plane arrived in California late, so I didn’t get to the hotel and to bed until around midnight, which would be 3 AM Pittsburgh time.
Woke up to rain the next morning… lots of rain… and I hadn’t brought an umbrella, so I got really wet on the way to the interview. About halfway there, I get a call that the tour (the first part of the interview) was cancelled because of the rain, so I went back to the hotel for a couple hours…

Headed back (in the rain), and things went better after that.
The interview itself was good… afterward was an amazing dinner and going to a bar with the other interviewees and two employees.

The next day was all flights… two layovers, meaning I spent something like 13 hours in planes and/or in airports. Didn’t get home until around 10 PM. Meh.

Now is lots of OSing. We basically had nothing written for Checkpoint 1 (which is tomorrow), so today is lots of coding and oh god death. Meh.
We might end up missing the checkpoint anyway, but that’s okay… as long as we don’t miss the second checkpoint.
Unfortunately, I am also gone next Tuesday and Wednesday (for another interview).
I want OS to go away so I can just do interviewing and enjoying life before I head off into the world… :-\

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