Well, I’ve been coding and working on our kernel since approximately 10 AM yesterday (Sunday). The first checkpoint is in 5 hours, and I think we’re going to make it. Maybe.
Both of us are slowing down quite a bit (it took us like 6 hours to even get our code to compile, since we had compiler errors like hell, and then had a ton of linker errors because we forgot various includes, and by that point it was like 2 AM), but the debugging portion shouldn’t be too terribly deathy. In any case, we are quite code complete for checkpoint 1 (and even a little ahead, maybe, in the sense that we wrote our VM to be somewhat correct instead of just hacking it).

Yay for all-nighters!

Greg has been amazing through the past many hours, making breakfast and then dinner for both me and 8, and then bringing me caffeine so I don’t fall asleep.

Perhaps as a consequence of our 17-hour-straight coding spree, and as our last shreds of sanity fled, there was a break for some Zack bondage, and then some 8 bondage, both with Cat5 cable. There are photos, which will likely be posted behind a friends-locked entry behind a cut on my LJ sometime logical tomorrow (although, I suppose, it’s logical today if I never actually get to sleep).

The next few days are going to be very interesting.
Pamela’s for delicious breakfast tomorrow morning followed by OS checkpoint followed by (probably) more OS coding. Then is going to bed early, since I have to wake up at around 6 AM on Tuesday to catch a plane to another interview in California.

Edit: It works! We made the checkpoint with an hour to spare. Huzzah! Now to do other stuff, because I’ve been coding for the past 23.5 hours.

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