Final #1 done

Well then, I just totally bombed the graph theory final. I’ll be lucky to get 50% on the proofs portion, given that I didn’t do one of the four and completely BSed two of the other three.
Here’s hoping that the fact that most of the class was still in the room 15 minutes after the official end time means there will be a curve. A huge curve.
I bet that once someone points out some little fact to me (about each proof), all the proofs will become painfully obvious and I’ll feel even more stupid that I do now.
I hate my inability to have the “aha moment” in proofs… at least, not quickly enough for an exam format.

This morning was the portrait photo final crit. I can’t tell if he hated my stuff or not, but meh, I have no chance at an A in the class anyway. Here’s hoping I don’t get a C (in either portrait or graph theory).
I hate portrait class so much :-\

2 thoughts on “Final #1 done

  1. I did the first one and left the other 3 blank, do not worry about it Alan :(.

  2. Hon… somethin’ happened and now, like, all the last 10 or so of your posts are all in a row on my lj friends page…

    Also, I do sincerely want to hear about your life and all, and I don’t really know if it’s possible, since you’re not directly posting to lj… but do you think you could put your pictures, if there’s more than about 3 of ’em under a cut or something? They take up a lot of space…

    And if it makes you feel any better about your final, I failed my first class ever this semester. Gonna re-take it. Bleh.

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