I went on a buying spree today and bought stuff for the apartment this summer/next year.
First was a rather nice box with ceramic dinner plates and bowls, glass cups, silverware, 4 or 5 nice knives, a dish rack, a shower caddy thing, a CD holder, 2 rugs, a mug, a whisk, some can openers, some spatulas, and other assorted kitchenwares… all for $10. Then they threw in a toaster for free. Woo.
Then, this afternoon, I went to buy a chest of drawers for $10. Unfortunately, I didn’t consider the weight of said dresser and Ian and I got it about 50 feet before I had to call for help. After trying just about everyone on my contacts list, Ben helped carry it and Lilli graciously brought her car to drive it back. So yeah, now I have a very nice chest of drawers that I’ll probably also use as a desk. I think that’s basically everything I need for next year as far as furniture goes, so yay. Also, yay for cell phones coming in handy.

Yesterday was a lot of random happy stuff for the last day of classes. There was CS volleyball, ECE day with its random stuff, and also the Fiesta de Primavera complete with climbing stuff and a petting zoo. There was also a KGB picnic. Whee. Photos of all of these are up at photos.

2 thoughts on “Furniture

  1. Wow. How did you get all of that stuff for $10? A garage sale?

    Hm, I guess I was uncontactable for almost all of yesterday… otherwise you can definitely call on me (and my car) if you ever need help with moving stuff. Glad you got the dresser back without death!

  2. Wow. That picture of me playing volleyball makes me look like a total noob.

    Also… get some more furniture when me and my brother are in town. I want to see how long it takes us to carry something heavy a mile.


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