Finals #2 and #3 done

This morning was my webapps final. It went as expected, which is to say, well. 5 essay questions, all fairly easy… yay.

This evening was my networks final. It was longer than expected (43 short-answer questions, many with multiple parts), and a couple of the topics should probably have been reviewed more thoroughly, but I feel like I did well enough.

Afterwards was KFC, games, and moving stuff to the new room. That was lots of fun.

After that was some really nice conversation and generally spending time with personness of awesome, and was a very nice end to a generally nice (if a little stressful) day.

Then came home to find that three of my five grades are now up and, barring any unforeseen unfortunateness with webapps (which should definetly be an A), I am guaranteed Dean’s List for the fourth semester in a row, regardless of whether I get an A or a B in networks. This makes me happy because I did unexpectedly well in both graph theory and portrait photo (pulling each up more than a letter grade from midsemester).

So yeah, I’m now done with finals, and can relax and start moving into the new room. No stress for another couple weeks, huzzah!

It is 4 AM. I should be asleep.

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