I’m in the building (Wean Hall) next to where the bomb is supposed to be.
This is strangely amusing.
That would explain the helicopter hovering over campus, anyway.

Shooting at downtown Pittsburgh this morning, shooting at VA Tech this Monday…

What is this world coming to?

Also, oh god, I can’t even imagine…

Edit: Apparently it was just a suspicious liquid. Blah.

Edit edit: Not a bomb

2 thoughts on “Wheee

  1. Everyone’s in paranoia mode again. Yesterday morning, some crazy guy got on the roof of one of the CSU dorms and tried to commit suicide. They put the dorm on lockdown and evacuated about 100 kids.
    This was all at 4:30 AM.
    They didn’t send an e-mail out about it until about 9:30 AM.

    I remember how paranoid everyone was after 9/11. It doesn’t help, it doesn’t fix anything.

    Unfortunately, our current leadership only gets power by making sure that we are as scared as possible. If that isn’t terrorism, I don’t know what is.

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