The past 3 days, in particular the past 24 hours, in particular the past 7 hours have been among the best, most amazing, happiest times of my life.

Carnival has been happening. A few pictures are up at photos, and I’ll post more logical tomorrow sometime. Seeing all the booths and walking Midway was fun.
This morning was Mobot and buggy sweepstakes. I went and photographed buggy with Greg, and then watched Mobot with Alisa and rlambert and peoples. That was incredibly awesome and fun.
There was more Ukranian (sp?) egg dying with gwillen and peoples that resulted in pretty eggs being made.
Then this evening was dinner and a movie and some interesting conversation and just generally spending time with a certain awesome someone.

Also, I found out today that General Dynamics wants to extend me a summer internship offer. This makes me happy, because it means I’ll get to stay in Pittsburgh this summer (around campus), and yay!

I’m just totally, completely, utterly happy with everything in life right now.

Also, apparently, I’m absorbing nerdiness and cs-major-ness into my skin and developing pasty white nerdflesh, as I actually managed to lightly sunburn myself today after only being outside for a short while.
So weird…

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