Life’s been good, even if I am a little out of it right now and tired and wanting sleep but having a bit of homework to finish up for tomorrow first.

Booth has been happening in preparation for Carnival this upcoming weekend. Alas, I don’t have a group to build booth for this year (KGB isn’t doing one)… but perhaps this is for the best as I have way too much work that needs to be done.

Last night was a fun pizza and games party with Tim, Keith, Mars, and Greg. Yay for yummy pizza and the company of awesome friends!

CMU Adventures has had a bit more content added (three more monsters and a few more items in Wean 4). Check if out if you have a chance. As always, feedback is appreciated.

Yeeeah, I have more I want to write, but my eyes are starting to shut and have trouble focusing on the screen, so I should probably finish up this presentation and then shower and sleep.
Life is awesome and happy and good :)

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