Schedulewanking is in progress.
I kinda like this schedule (15397 is Pen Based Computing–writing apps for tablet PCs–not webapps [TCPulse has it wrong because they overloaded the course number]). However, despite taking databases pass/fail, it might still be a little too much, given that I’m taking OS. I dunno. Also, I’m still not sure if I want to take photo or not, but I don’t know what I’d take in its place. This is also okay, except I think 51 units is too much with OS.

Life is generally happy, despite having its blah moments. I failed the graph theory exam part 1 on Monday, and am likely going to fail more on the part tomorrow (the proof portion). Why do I suck so much at graph theory?
Also, I found out I didn’t get the job with Maya. Waiting to hear back from General Dynamics. Eh. If I don’t get this, I won’t have a job this summer and I’ll likely end up travelling instead, which still isn’t all that bad. Whee.

Relationship foo is going well, I think. At least, it’s going well from my standpoint.
Friends are still full of awesome and win.

I printed some 30″ X 30″ photo prints (not digital outputs from a large printer) on Monday. It’s kinda awesome. Exposing the paper is a pain, and then developing it and fixing it and such is also a pain. Carrying it places is an even bigger pain, since it’s photo paper, and I imagine rolling it too tightly is bad for it since it’ll crack and whatnot.
Giant Vincent piccar, ahhh (next to me and some 8X10 prints for scale)!

I think I’ve generally stopped caring about photos for Portrait class though. I got a B on my last assignment (the stuff of Car and Tom) despite my trying hard to get things just right, so I’m basically not going to try anymore. I can’t do any better than a B in the class anyway (currently have a low B), so why put forth the effort when it’s only going to frustrate me more and make me hate photography again?

I wonder why I’m still wanting to take Black and White II next semester, given that.
I hate my portrait class with a passion, despite having awesome things such as huge 30X30 Vincents. If it wasn’t for the fact that there’s only this assignment (big portraits) and one more (platinum prints) left, I would drop the class. I figure I’ll suffer through a couple more assignments and be done.

Talked to Ev on the phone today. It was nice catching up, I suppose. I wish we talked more often, but meh.

Last night was the screening of “Paris je t’aime” that I had to go to for photo history class. Took Greg along, and he seemed to enjoy it. It was one of the most unique film experiences I’ve ever had, with short 5-minute clips ranging from the sad (a mother reminising about her dead son), unique (Elijah Wood as a vampire!), funny (mimes in love), and touching (a blind man remembering his relationship with an actress), all set in Paris.

Now is graph theory studying time, so I don’t fail as badly tomorrow. Wheeeeee.

Edit: Better:

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  1. A *B-* is what you’ve been complaining about in photo? Geez man – that’s barely mild criticism. That image of Vincent is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever printed. Go crazy with it. There’s so much you can do with people if you get them out of their natural environment and into a studio, up against a wall or whatever. Let the person stand alone; it’s way cool.

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