This song Change (Jason Nevins Dance/Pop Radio Edit) might be the first song I’ve listened to where the remix is better than the original song. It’s truly an awesome remix for an already fairly awesome song. I love getting new music, even though I really can’t afford it right now :)

Life has been incredibly awesome and happy lately, despite this weekend consisting mostly of me being lazy and not getting work done and now, as a result, being incredibly behind in classwork and likely going to fail the graph theory exam tomorrow. I think Friday night was the most awesome time I’ve ever had in a long time. There was chocolate fondue (courtesy of Mars and Dan, I believe), awesome games, spending time with friends/people I care about, and some awesome conversation until 5:30 AM.
There was also a Tim getting eaten by his bed.

There was also scary ponytail-Dan-thing

There was an ITG sightreading tournament on Saturday that I went to and photographed for a bit. It had a rather impressive turnout.

So yeah, this weekend has been full of laziness and graph theory studying (and I’m still going to fail, ahhh!). Also worked a bit on my paper for photo history. I should have been coding networks. Bleh. At least we ended up doing well on p2. Yay for doing well on projects.

Life makes me so happy… friends make me so happy…
Why are people so awesome?

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