Life is awesome and amazing.

Not only did we meet checkpoint 1 for Networks (my partner is awesome and got handshake working while I was out talking last night), we exceeded it. We have the infastructure for checkpoint 2 in place and ready to finish and debug. That makes me feel a lot better (despite having a bunch of other work I now need to start on).

This morning was my interview with ViZ. It went rather well, I think. Absolutely no technical questions. Everything was talking about either me, my class experience, things on my resume, or what kinds of work I enjoy doing. I wasn’t at all nervous, which I think helped. Hopefully I’ll be able to land a job here (in Pittsburgh) this summer.

Then, this evening, spent some time in the darkroom developing my 2 1/4 negs. They came out really nicely. I’m rather happy with them.

I guess I failed to mention SIGBOVIK the other day. It was on April 1, and it was awesome. People should definetly do it again next year.

So yeah. I’ve been extremely active photographically lately.
Volleyball pictures are up at photos
There were also some awesome shots I took today and yesterday…

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