Yay for life

The past two days have been full of awesome and fun.

Felt sorta sick yesterday, so I went to bed early the night before (around 8 PM) and slept until around 3 after getting up for lunch. The weather was amazing, so I pulled a ghannema and Jordan to go walking to Squill for pie ingredients (more details later). We took a roundabout back way to enjoy the weather, and met up with jgrafton and matthewj by Phipps. Took a bunch of long detours, played on a playground, and generally had an amazing time. Had yummy dinner at a kosher deli and then went geagling. Afterward was games and coffee/tea at Kiva Han followed by super secret fun that certainly didn’t involve going places on campus with rlambert and Ben.

Woke up today to klipper’s offer to drive me to Monroeville mall. Tagged along with him and Grant, and had a good time just walking around and playing DDR eXtreme at the arcade there. Didn’t buy anything, but meh.
Then, tonight was the pi day party (March 14!) hosted by ghannema and rlambert. There were 5 dessert pies: two kinds of apple, homemade peach, peach/cherry/apricot, and chocolate pudding. There was also amazing spinach cheese pie and steak pot pie. So much yummy pie, so much good company….
I haven’t been this happy in a long time.

GIF files FTL :-\
Someone needs to invent a widely-supported millions-of-colors animated image format.

9 thoughts on “Yay for life

  1. Glad you had so much fun these last few days :D I really like the pics that you’ve put up- will you be making the other pics from yesterday/tonight available sometime soon?

    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. “Someone needs to invent a widely-supported millions-of-colors animated image format.”

    They already have – one example is called “MPEGs”.

  3. “Someone needs to invent a widely-supported millions-of-colors animated image format.”

    GIFs can actually come out with okay quality. The problem is that the filesize would be ridiculous and unfitting for displaying on webpages. (GIFs were created before everybody had broadband)

  4. I was being somewhat facetious, you know. :)

    But basically, I was thinking “hmmm, you know, I wish there were some data format that was like JPEG except that it let you have multiple frames… oh, wait.”

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