Life is going well, I think. Still busy as hell with stuff, but I’m still finding time to destress, so I guess that’s good.

I’ve been working a ton on my final project for webapps. I suppose that I should post the URL now that it’s officially hit Beta and I’ve finished the framework.
Create an account and try it out! Let me know of any bugs you find and whatnot. I’m still working on content for the game, but there shouldn’t be any fatal flaws in it.

This morning was my phone interview with Viz/GDC4S. I think it went fairly well. I dunno. I’m hoping they’ll want to interview me more/hire me, but we’ll see what happens.


I couldn’t get this picture to come out right. Meh. It looked better in real life.
I hate photography -_-
*is still seriously considering dropping portrait*

Also, George W. Bush’s resume
How is that man still in office?

3 thoughts on “Stuffs

  1. Dude, HDR that image. Photoshop is the only way to accomplish a shot like that (well, multiple negatives and hours of printing do it too).

    At least do one more assignment before dropping portrait.

  2. I created an account and started playing. :D How fun!

    … How do you get the password for the guy in the lobby?

  3. You’re taking portrait because you need to learn how to make photographs look better. Nobody emerges from the womb with all the technical knowledge necessary to produce nothing but perfect portraits. You need massive amounts of practice, but the results and the highlights are worth it.

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