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For people who are interested in Student Wars, the second-to-last expansion (Internships) has been uploaded for your playing pleasure. I’ll work on Loose Ends eventually and wrap up the game.
In related news, work on the graphical cards for the STD Card game, work on the base sets for the Supernatural card game and RPG Get! card game system, and work on Student Wars v2 have all been delayed because I’m busy with school and other life stuffs.

I photographed Tom and Car yesterday as the first part of my next assignment for portrait.
Feedback on these would be helpful, as I don’t want to do horribly on another portrait assignment.
Most of these have been slightly cropped, but the framing still bothers me (if anything, the recropping to try and confirm to what the professor considers “good” is what bothers me, since I like the full frames on many of these)… not sure what to do about that.
How is it possible to hate photo so much, given that I immensely enjoy photographing?

In the full version, part of her elbow is still out of the frame. I tried cropping it down, but it still looks weird. Bleh.

Cropped too close to her head, maybe?

I like this more than the full one, where she is more centered in the frame.

Not sure about the cropping of this.

I’m torn about this one, because I really like it, but I feel like my professor won’t.

I like this one.

Once again, arms being partially out of the frame, and unsure how to fix it…

God, what is it with me and partially cutting arms out of the frame? It’s not something I’d normally notice, except it was one of the (few) things specifically pointed out to me… but the thing is, it doesn’t bother me that they’re cut off, and so it’s not something I think about while photographing. If anything, it bothers me when you see the entire arm in the frame, because it looks weird.
Is it my fault that my artistic sense doesn’t conform to the general sense? Things that I find artistic never match what other people like. And if it wasn’t for the fact that it affects my QPA, I wouldn’t care.
I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate photo -_-
I just want to go out and take photos and not have to care about this stuff, because I enjoy it, and the stuff comes out good *enough*. Why am I spending time stressing about this? Grargh.
I swear, if I was less anal about losing half a semester of work, I’d drop this class and be so much better off for it.

Content is continually being added to CMU Adventures. I’m currently working on the Doherty 1/B content, and will start on Wean 4/NSH soon. If you haven’t yet, creating an account and playing would be much appreciated, as the game could use all the testing it can get.

At least there’s something I’m good enough at.
*stabs photo with a big stabby stick*

5 thoughts on “Random updates

  1. My feedback on the photos, for what it’s worth. This is me at my most critical, so feel free to ignore parts as desired —

    First one: This is the kind of cropping and angle that shows up in magazines or the features section of newspapers all the time. Texture of the face is interesting. I think cropping much closer would make the picture kind of confusing since the context of the arm and Tom’s head would be gone. Leading off with it might be a bit strange, though, since unless you know Tom or have seen one of the other pictures, you’re not quite sure what that stringy thing in the center ins :-)

    Second one: Halfway in between an “artistic” shot and a straight-up portrait. I like Tom’s expression a lot. Nice framing too, but if you think about it long enough, Car’s head starts to look impossibly huge since it’s all close to the camera and kind of floating off in the corner in the same way she’s looking.

    Third one: Very nice — I like blurred backgrounds :-) I agree with you about the composition: I think it would make a much weaker impression with Car centered.

    Fourth one: The cropping looks OK to me.. if you trace out the lines of the major elements, you have a nice shape. Also there’s one leaf in the upper left corner that makes me smile. Background a little bit over-white at the top, perhaps?

    Fifth one: May depend on what the professor looks for in a shot. The merger with Tom’s face and the light may be annoying, and the color looks a bit… pinker than you’d expect after seeing all the previous shots.

    Sixth one: Ooh, I like that one too. Nice lighting, straightforward framing. I might have pulled the computer to the left a bit or tried rotating the photographer around to the right — the computer screen taking up a fourth of the frame is a bit of a visual block for me. But the subject is sooo nice…

    Seventh one: Another good one! I wouldn’t say a word against the framing — I think slightly cutting off arms or edges is a good way to show closeness of your subject. It’s more dramatic than surrounding them with a border of stuff you don’t necessarily care about. (It’s like in movies: eventually I noticed that all the up-close conversation scenes were cutting off the tops of everyone’s head. It sounds weird when you first think of it, but it works when you’re watching the movie.)

    Overall, I say: You’re good at photography. You’re clearly getting the moments and thinking about the shots, and you have seven very interesting examples here. A lot of these shots I don’t think I ever would have captured, even with a digital. I think 1, 3, 6, and 7 are my favorites, and 2 would be in there too if my brain could resize Car’s head for me :-P

  2. I am not artistic, so I can’t help with the photos, but the game is amusing… However, I must ask why the puzzles are not more… Well… Puzzly. Take for instance a wonderful instruction:
    Solve this.
    There are, as you can see, 7 numbers, ranging from 3-21. There are many, many ways you can see this as being solved, and that is why I think some of the puzzle elements could use some work… There is of course the “lets wind up with a large negative number” approach, but one could also interpret it as a locker combination. Also a possibility is that the “Solution” is 8, as 8 is the smallest number that does not divide any of the listed numbers. Basically, I feel some elements to be too vauge…

  3. Josh:
    The puzzles are purposely vague. In the style of MIT-puzzle hunts, most of the difficulty is figuring out what to do from little or no direction.

  4. The 4th image is the only one that really shows an interesting part of their relationship we don’t normally see; it’s lovely. The 2nd and 7th could be nice if they were printed differently (less gray, I think – I dunno).

    I don’t know why you have that obsession with where the arms go. The success or failure of your photographs has nothing to do with that. It’s mentioned as a point of composition, sure, but it’s just a general rule with no real weight on the goodness of the image.

    What does make it good is the degree to which you are successful conveying your idea via the photograph. If you have no confidence in the image, it shows in the print, it shows in the crit, and your grade suffers because presentation is all we can really be graded on here. Print em with love and finesse, and you’ll do good. I know you can, cause you did last year.

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